Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hooray for my C minus!

So, my Tony predictions were 72 percent correct. My major mistake was underestimating the zeitgeist associated with the two lead shows as well as the apparent dislike surrounding one particular talented actor.

Where I was right: Best play, best musical, best book of a musical, best revival of a play, theatrical event, lead actor in a play, lead actress in a play, lead actress in a musical, featured actor in a play, featured actress in a play, featured actress in a musical, featured actor in a musical, direction of a musical, scenic design of a play, costume design of a play, costume design of a musical, lighting design of a play, lighting design of a musical.

Where I went wrong:
Best original score, choreography, orchestrations
Truly, is there straight-ticket voting for the Tonys? Orchestrations I'll concede, but how nice that the stunning "Mary Poppins" choreography (the "Curtains" piece wasn't as showy as it could have been) came so soon after that award was given. And, let's see what song the Julie Wilson du jour is still sticking in her cabaret in 60 years: "The Bitch of Living" or "Another Winter in a Summer Town."

Best revival of a musical
I should have gone with the odds on this one. I didn't mind being wrong on this one, although it's a pity that "110 in the Shade" went home empty-handed.

Lead actor in a musical
Wow! Upset of the night. Raul Esparza's more rabid fans are already sharpening their claws, so David Hyde Pierce, God bless him, might want to increase his security detail for the next few days.

Director of a play
I said in my predictions I was probably wrong here. So, in a way, wasn't I really right?

Scenic design of a musical
In this case, it was overestimation of a zeitgeist that never really happened. Ah, well. Poppins deserved it. The house even upstaged some of the actors.


Eric said...

I am shocked! Everyone knows that the future of choreography involved stomping, grabbing your face in pain, and jumping up and down. Ballet? Pshaw!
Also, I STILL Think an official Raul Espbarfza suicide watch should be enacted.

Mike said...

And masturbating. Don't forget masturbating.

Steven said...

Hand to God, I swear I saw Raul Esparza about to get up right before they announced DHP's name.

And I still don't get Spring Awakening. Is it supposed to be the Rent of the naughts?

Mike said...

That moment kind of reminded of the Simpsons, where Bart has the tape of Lisa and Ralph Wiggum and says: "Look, you can pinpoint the exact moment where his heart breaks in two."

Oh, and I reviewed Spring Awakening on here a LONG time ago. Like when I first created this blog.